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Cape CodDonMcLane
Phone: (973) 983-8007
Cell: (973) 216-3698
For the people who are interested in going to Cape Cod we have the week of July 24th to July 31st. booked. If we fill the place up I am pretty sure we will get the same price as we had in June. That would be $70 a night PER ROOM for Bayside and $80 a night PER ROOM at Oceanside. You only pay for the amount of days you stay. Right now the restaurants have outdoor eating but I think by by July they will have some percentage of indoor eating. The pools will also be open. Also it is BYOB. To get this deal we have to act quickly so let me know soon if you want to go. You can contact me by phone or preferably by E-MAIL at
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