High Life Ski Club History

As the legend goes, one snowy afternoon in December of 1965, a group of skiers decided that Morris County needed a ski club for socially minded singles. That idea brought a small core group of skiers together for an organizational meeting in the basement of the Dover Sports Center. The result of that meeting was to pass the word that a ski club for singles was starting in Morris County, and to select the site of the first meeting.

The first official meeting of the ski club was held at the Mountain Motor Inn in Rockaway, and was attended by 26 people. Among the first orders of business for this fledgling ski club was the selection of a name. Since none of the proposed names could be embraced by a majority of the 26 people present; this was a problem. No one has ever been sure if the next name suggestion was a serious proposal or a joke; but from the back of the room a raised can of Miller High Life Beer appeared and a voice said, "Why not High Life". Everyone liked the idea, and the name High Life Ski Club was adopted.

Since 1965 our ski club has grown from 26 members to approximately 400. After more then 58 years, High Life has seen quite a few marriages between members, and now offers a social retreat for married couples as well as singles. Of course your date is welcome as a member or guest. We also offer junior memberships for family members under 8-20 years old. We host events that are open to families and have designated family weekends at our lodge.